How to Make Friends in Curvy Dating Site without Making You Look Odd

Posted by | Sep 30, 2020

Make Friends in Curvy Dating Site without Making You Look Odd

Ever experienced that someone put a distance with you because they think you are creepy? Or perhaps, have you ever punched a joke in the BBW dating sites but the other one was not laughing after hearing it? We could agree that online dating is about trial and error. But you will surely want to know how to interact with your hot friends without being a creep.

When you are interacting on curvy dating sites, you just need to hit the right button so that other people won’t consider you as a creep. Let me elaborate on these important points.

Only interact with people who have the same interests as yours

I guess you have browsed some profiles in the curvy dating site and found some attractive girls in your account. The good thing about curvy dating apps is that you can find people who are in the same interest as yours. So, use the internal search engine. Use the filters. Only tick the box which you think is relevant to you. For instance, if you meet someone who has the same hobby as yours, then opening the conversation with that topic won't be awkward. Don't you agree?

Go with the flow

When joining a conversation in the BBW dating sites, you should know the right timing to bring it up to the next level. The great advice that you need to take is don't take a close friendship too quickly. Treat the counterpart with respect and let it flow. You know, your new friends will give you a cue if you can advance. Don't push the relationship too hard because both of you might not be ready for it. It is important to control yourself. You might have known how hot she is so that you want to do BBW hookup but take it to step by step.

Treat everybody with respect

You are meeting new friends on the curvy dating site. It is okay to let them know about your story. But you shouldn't force them to tell you if they don't want to. Interact with them with courtesy.

Be clear about what you want

Be honest about your intentions when you approach someone on curvy dating sites. If you want BBW hookup as your main objective, then you could just say it. Don't send the gesture that you only want to be friends while deep inside you want something more. Don't pretend.


By doing all of the tips above, your actions won't look odd. These will definitely help to get out of the creepy zone.